Saturday, April 30, 2011


Remember Sabrina crying because she didn't want to go down the slide? Remember? I bribed her with candy to go down? (By the way, Marilyn says it's a reward if it's for them, a bribe if it's for you. So, this was a reward. A bribe would be candy for being quiet in Sacrament meeting. I've never done that. Ever.) Anyway, at Spencer's soccer game today, Sabrina wandered over to the playground and went down the slide. Repeatedly. Over and over. Perverse child.

She then went to the top of the big slide and looked down it, then went away. About five minutes later she came back and went down. It was a little fast for her, so she ended up sitting on the ground looking a little startled, but then Zane and I, who she did not know was watching, started cheering and clapping loudly. Once she realized she was so fabulous, she started jumping up and down and clapping and smiling and laughing. Adorable child.

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