Thursday, January 29, 2009

6 months old and going strong

Yesterday, when Sabrina lacked one day of six months, she was sitting in her crib while I was putting away her clothes. In an attempt to eat the crib rail, she put both hands on the rail and PULLED HERSELF UP! She is so advanced for her age (Buys, 2009). I was so excited that Sabrina got excited and grinned and giggled at me. Worry about her safety made me pick her up, get my camera, and put her back in her crib to properly document this momentous event. Of course, she wouldn't pull herself up again (until this morning!) so I had to pose the photo by standing her up. Of course, I now have to remember to put the crib rail up every time so she doesn't fall out of the crib, something you don't have to worry about when your baby can only roll around helplessly at the bottom of the crib.

At Buys Family Fun last Sunday, I was so jealous that Cheri's baby (the Bodester) would just open up his mouth for food, whereas my baby (the Tiny One) had to be tricked and teased into opening her mouth, at which time I would stuff a spoon with cereal/prunes/pears on it into her mouth, at which time she promptly spit half of it out. Or blow a raspberry. However, along with pulling herself up, Sabrina also was opening her mouth for food, and not spitting it out last night. Of course, she still blew the occasionally raspberry, but all things considered, she definitely got more food than usual!

Footnotes: Buys, S.S. (2009) Family Newsletter, p. 1.

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