Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And so we regress

Two night ago, dear Sabrina refused to sleep. Well, to be fair, she had a fever from her shots and a stuffy nose from (I suspect) her immune system being overwhelmed by the shots. It was like having a 2-week-old all over again. Sleeping on the couch with Sabrina in her swing, feeding the Girl all night long....Plus, her diaper was HUGE in the morning from all the feeding I did during the night. At least last night was better, with fewer wakeups. It appears I will survive.

Segue...Sabrina has begun to really have fun in the bath. She sits up now, so she can splash with her hands or lean back and splash with her feet. She is so pleased with herself--she'll look up and me and just grin, "Ha ha, now I can get you wet. Boo ya!"

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