Thursday, January 1, 2009

Grandpa Spencer

Zane's grandpa, Leonard Spencer, died a couple of days ago. It was really sudden; just a couple of weeks ago he got a blood clot and went to the hospital and found out he had gall bladder cancer that had spread to the liver. In the three or so weeks between his diagnosis and death, he went from a capable, strong man to staying in bed all day. Grandpa's funeral is tomorrow, so here are a few memories of him.

Coming home from work 18 months ago to find Grandpa in a huge hole, digging up the root ball of a 70-foot pine tree, recently deceased (the tree, that is).

Looking at all the mandolins he made with his own two hands.

Listening to people play the mandolins he made with his own two hands, while he stood by trying to look modest. Actually, he did look modest.

Watching him help Grandma out of the car, up steps, or out of a chair and into her wheelchair.

Hugging him and thinking, Man, he's tall!

Hearing World War II stories--his and other people's.

Most of all, knowing that Grandpa was never afraid to say that he loved you.

I love you Grandpa. Say hi to Grandpas Buys and Sargent, Grandma Maughan, Sierra, and my future kids. L'chaim!

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