Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sobbing Soccer Scenes

Sabrina doesn't cry much. Oh, there's the calling-out-to-mommy in the middle of the night, or the hurry-up-with-that-food, but generally she doesn't scream. Except at Spencer's soccer games. Whenever Spencer's team scores, everyone very inconsiderately yells and cheers. Sabrina REALLY does not like this noise. The third goal of the day today she was almost inconsolable, although her lack of enough sleep and hunger may have contributed to her sobbing. I had to laugh a little, 'cause she was just so cute as she was crying!

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Dad said...

That reminds me when we took Molly to Fenway Park in Boston when she was about one year old. Every time Boston scored she would scream and when Dwight Evan hit a grand slam in about the 7th inning we had to leave the game.