Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I love being home every day until 10, especially on days like this. Wait--who am I kidding. There have been no days like this. Right now the former Presidents are making their way out. I like seeing all the partisan stuff in abeyance, once the Presidents are out of office. Former Presidents H.W. Bush and Clinton are really nice to each other.

I was talking to mom about OM last night (see previous post), and she suggested that non-American people are not thinking that the Zion, (the New Jerusalem) will be built on the American continent during Obama's Presidency, but that Obama's election reemphasizes the American Dream, and that people want to believe in the American dream. I like this interpretation better than my previous one, and have decided to magnanimously allow the Shirefolk their dreams.

Sabrina is sleeping right now, with her hands behind her head and her little elbows sticking out. Sleeping through one of the most significant moments in American history.

Ooh--there's a woman wearing one glove. Weird. She doesn't look like Michael Jackson.

Obama's girls are so cute. I think it's fun to have a family in the White House again. I like, too, that Michelle Obama asked the White House staff not to make their beds. I also like that she made clear that the staff could make HER bed.

Well, here's to the next four years. It's amazing to think that Sabrina will grow up in a world where a black man being President is normal, not amazing, and that she will look at her mother as living in a different era. And, she'll be right!

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