Friday, January 23, 2009


I was discussing the whole "fun age" concept with Lisa today. We agree that so far, our kids (5 1/2 months and 16 months) have gotten more and more fun. Here's a brief list of why my child is getting more fun.

1. When I wave my arms around, she responds by waving her arms around.

2. When I got to Lisa's house today, she was sitting on the floor. When she saw me, she cried and lifted up her arms for me to pick her up.

3. She is SO DANG CUTE when she cries!

4. She is starting to want Mommy, not anyone else.

5. She wakes up twice a night. Oh wait, that doesn't belong here.

5. She laughs at herself in the mirror.

6. She smiles while sucking her lips in.

There are many more reasons that Sabrina is getting more fun, but right now she is fussing and wants her mommy to play with her. That might be reason #7!

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