Monday, February 2, 2009

6 month pictures

I may have mentioned that when Sabrina was born, I got a deal with a place called Gingerbread Photo that for $40 they would take pictures of Sabrina at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months, and at the end of that time I get a panel of the four photos. So, I had her 6 month pictures taken last week. She was a bit tired, so she didn't sit really well, and wouldn't smile. Good thing she's so pretty.

I think the pictures in general turned out really cute, but Gingerbread Photo is a little to frou-frou for me. They're the type of place that wants to put angel wings on the baby and have a sky background. Cute, but not me. At all. There was one series of pictures that was really cute, but Sabrina was wearing purple polka-dotted leggings (really), and a semi-Skandinavian hat with fake blond braids on it. Hmmmm.

Oh, and curse that groundhog. But, as Dad always says, "I'd be happy if there were only 6 more weeks of winter!"

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