Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beautiful Babe

It's been a few days since I've posted anything. Partly, that's because I wanted to get Tiny's pictures downloaded so I could show you how pretty she is in the dress Grandpa brought her from Hawaii. See? SO cute.

I only wish it was summer here. She would wear this dress every day. Okay, every day it was clean, so about once a week. Hold on I need to go save my baby--Sabrina's stuck standing up. Okay, problem solved. She can pull herself up, but can't always get down. I'm back. The only problem with this dress is the head hole is a little small (we called them "ear-pealers" in my family), so Sabrina does not like to have it taken off. I think I may have to do a little surgery to make it easier put on and take off, because it will be a cute shirt when it's too small for her to wear as a dress.

Here's another cute picture I took of Sabrina on a cold February morning:

That girl can crawl like anything! People keep telling me how bad it is when they (babies) become mobile, etc. and so forth. I love it though! It's so satisfying to see her see something and go after it. She is so dang cute.

Today I didn't have school, so we danced and sang to Billy Joel and read "Are You my Mother." Then Sabrina crawled around after the cat, never quite catching him, but always coming so close that she kept trying. Later today: crawling after the dog and eating stuff off of the floor. It's good to be a baby!

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