Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things

There is a "write 25 things about yourself" going around the internet, mostly on Facebook. So, here are mine!

1. I am terribly, terribly afraid of falling down the stairs while holding Sabrina.

2. I check on Sabrina constantly when she is sleeping, to make sure she is still breathing.

3. I love action movies, and generally hate romantic comedies.

4. Whenever someone is pregnant, I know. I don't ask (except Jamie, for some reason) if they are pregnant because if they haven't told me, they must not want me to know yet, but I always have "a feeling." Then, a few weeks later when they announce their delicate condition, I get to say I knew it. Ha!

5. I am a middle school teacher and I love my students. I don't need your freakin' pity, all right? Even 13-year-olds will act like human beings if you treat them like they are. Usually.

6. I grounded Zane from picking movies for a month after he chose "Shoot 'Em Up" from Redbox. It was even worse than it sounds.

7. I have the best parents and little bro in the world.

8. Ditto for sisters-in-law.

9. I played soccer in high school. After high school, although I was recruited for a Division III team, I never played competitively again. It was 5 years before I could pass a soccer field without crying that I wasn't still playing.

10. I love reading about WWII.

11. The misuse of apostrophe's really bugs me. I can hardly let thi's misuse continue in thi's post, even for laugh's.

12. I spent a year in inner-city Birmingham as a tutor for AmeriCorps. I was the only white girl in my program, and one of about 5 white people in the whole school. Being a minority is weird.

13. I know all the words to the verses of "We didn't light the fire" by Billy Joel.

14. I loved geometry, especially proofs.

15. I love maps. I can sit for hou...well, long periods of time looking at different types of map--population density, water fall, climate, the earth by night...

16. When I was in high school, my friend Lisa used colored duct tape to write "Chun" on the back of my car. I took it off a few months later. I still miss it.

17. Although I am well educated in music and love drama, I suck at visual art.

18. A proper Sunday afternoon includes someone else in my house watching football. I just love the music that goes with THE NFL ON FOX, or whatever tv station airs football.

19. I love to paint. Walls, that is. Not pictures. See #17.

20. I have three college degrees, including a BA, BEd, and MS. And I still can't stop feeling that every meal should end with sugar.

21. I once had a student that used Star Trek as serious proof as to why communism would work. Really.

22. When I was in foust gwade I had to go to weesouwce for my auws. I mean, resource for my rs. It was vewy twamatic.

23. When my students are bored, they draw pictures of me. I have the best hanging in my classroom. My favorites are "The Termibuys" and half angel/half devil. Guess which side the students see?

24. I love breastfeeding. All those sweet, sweet calories leaving my body. Yes, thank you, I will have another cookie.

25. I love to read. I love Twilight, and I don't care what you think. I'm in the process of reading the Harry Potter series for the 49th time. I love Guns, Germs and Steel, Life and Death in Shanghai, and Calvin and Hobbes. So there.


-E said...

okay Mrs. buys or whatever your names is... i did not want you to see my blog but i had to after that last comment about guns germs and steel so we are reading that in AP world( yes i am in such a class) and well how could you like such a thing? its the worst book ever written!! well anyways your blog is so weird you are a mom and its crazy i still can not get over it but whatever. i hope you are well i miss you tons and i hopefully maybe someday will come and visit you!
-emily barnett

Holly said...

MOLLY! I love that you have a blog, i haven't talked to you in so long that it feels like I am starting to catch up with you again. your daughter is beautiful. I am also reading the harry potter series again but I am on book 7. They are so good and Twilight rocks......even my 6th graders say this! LOL take care hun, Miss you.


Emily said...

I also love Calvin & Hobbes, every meal SHOULD end with sugar, and I also had to do speech therapy for my Rs.

liza said...

does number 21 have anything to do with david cochran?