Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am a genius. Other people may have said it before, but rarely with such justification. Einstein, psht. ANYONE can make a nuclear bomb these days. No, I have figured out how to clean my house in such a way that I don't hate it!

So, here's my strategy. 10 minutes of cleaning the kitchen. Has to be done anyway, and 10 minutes almost always finishes the kitchen, and sometimes allows me time (it takes 3 minutes) to clean a shelf in the refrigerator.

10 minutes of picking up. Sometimes, because there is little to pick up, I can attack junk areas, like the top of the dresser. Usually it's just a quick run-around of the house and getting random stuff put away. For instance, a few weeks ago I found a Christmas decoration that had gotten stuffed somewhere. Normally I would just leave it because downstairs is SO FAR AWAY, but hey, I have to do 10 minutes anyway, right?

10 minutes of floors. I don't like sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming, but I can do 10 minutes of anything. And I do really like clean floors. Today my goal is to get the Shop Vac out and clean up one of those nasty little corners where firewood drips bark. Normally my floors are so nasty (see "I don't like sweeping..., above) that spending the time to do that little job seems like a waste of time, but I have to do 10 minutes anyway, right?

So, there's my plan. Sabrina is so good at clapping that I don't need any other applause, except what I give myself (obviously a lot!).

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Amanda said...

Genius! That's amazing!