Monday, February 9, 2009

Clapping, Crawling, and Cat-calling

Sabrina has gone into high gear with learning new tricks. Last weekend we took her to a U of U gymnastics meet (the first of many!) and she was was so good! She was startled by all the noise sometimes, but did get to use her new trick of clapping! Mostly she swings her left arm and leaves her right arm in place, but that just makes the whole clapping thing cuter.

Also this weekend, she got up on her hands and knees (yawn, old trick) and started crawling (new trick)! She's not fully mobile yet, but definitely getting there.

To round out our three Cs of tricks, she is now cat-calling. We have a cat named Achilles (to go along with our dog named Sparticus), and when I call to him I sort of do a prrrrr? with a rolling r. Today Achilles was lying near us, and Sabrina started blowing raspberries. At first I thought it was just, you know, blowing raspberries, but I realized she was looking at Achilles and calling him. She is so clever.

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