Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So, since Sabrina is already two months old, I've been a little concerned that she hasn't been playing with any toys yet. She hasn't said any words or read Pippi Longstocking yet either, but I'll save those concerns for later. At Spencer's soccer game last night, Sabrina finally started playing with the frog on her car seat. Well, she at least held it in her hands (and mouth) when I put it there.

Sabrina has also been forced to do some tummy time. The other day, she rolled over. At least, she wiggled over, sort of downhill, when she was lying on the bed. We all have to start somewhere. She makes lots of cute, indignant noises when she's on her tummy.

Now, apropos of nothing at all, why do so many cute baby clothes come just as tops or onsies? Babies are so much cuter when they have full on clothes! I have a million tops and onsies, but only six bottoms, and they all came with tops. I was forced to go buy a few bottoms today at Kid to Kid. I love the 99 cent clothes there! There. Rant over.

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