Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby Clothes, Never Worn

Since Tiny is now almost seven weeks old and her newborn clothes are getting a little tight, I thought she would be about ready to wear 0-3 month clothes. I pulled out a cute little outfit of the aforementioned size, and the tag said "6-10 lbs." Well, as Sabrina is right around 8 pounds, I of course begin to panic, thinking I've wasted two pounds worth of 0-3 month clothes. After dressing her, I decided that whoever thought a 6-pounder could wear this outfit was on drugs. I mean, if you have 6-pound twins in this outfit there would still be room left over. Crisis averted.

Since I have had a lot of time to think lately, what with the not working and hanging out with a 1 1/2 month old all day, I have just remembered an old book I had as a kid. After some judicious searching of the internet, I found it. It is called The Open Gate by Kate Seredy, about a family that moves to a farm right before World War II. I remember it as a sweet book in which not much happens except for people living a new life. Maybe I am so attracted to that book right now because that's my life--not much plot, but me just living a new life.

Here are more pictures of Sabrina, the light of my life and the awake of my sleep.

I really don't like this bath thing yet!

Yes, I am.

I love my daddy!

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