Friday, September 19, 2008

I TOLD you so

That's right, I'm up for the second time tonight. The sleeping doesn't come so easily when you have a poopy diaper and a stuffy nose, does it? Thank heavens for those bulb things that let you *ahem* clear out a baby's nose. It's sort of fun, in a disgusting sort of way. Of course, I think being a dental hygenist would be fun, in the same sort of way. Poor Sabrina.

In happier (and cuter) news, Cheri and I finished Sabrina's birth announcements and I got them printed out yesterday. I just want to say that Costco's online photo center is the worst EVER. After spending about 30 minutes in growing frustration, I finally went to the Inkley's website. Much easier to navigate, but you can't crop your own photos there. So they did it wrong. So I went in person to Costco, hoping their gross incompetence...okay, MINE...would be alleviated by my actual presence. Not so. They don't let you pick the cropping at their store either. Fine. I went to Inkley's (again), cropped my announcements and photos the way I wanted them, and now everyone is happy. HAPPY! Anyway, here's the finished product.

And here is Sabrina preparing for her appearance in court. Cute, eh?

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lisa at twolooseteeth dot com said...

Sorry about the runny nose! Nora has one too, at the moment. Yes, that's a virus on TOP of the infections she's already taking antibiotics for. Awesome.