Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Beginning

Why, you might ask, does a person who loves sleep as much as I do have a blog called Nighttime Ramblings? Here is the answer:

Really, though, I just needed a place to show everyone how cute my new daughter is. What's the point of taking all these pictures if no one ever sees them?

Also, great stories need to be told. Yesterday, Sabrina had not pooped all day (if you're not a mom, you might not understand the obsession we have with poop). While at Cheri's house, Sabrina more than made up for it. Not only back poo, but double leg poo. Then, as I was attempting to deal with it, she peed all over Cheri's changing table. It's a good thing I moved from the living room floor! Anyway, it was time for bath #2 and a change of clothes.

Normally, during the nighttime feedings, I have been reading. Last night I got on Stephenie Meyer's website and read Midnight Sun, which is Twilight from Edward's point of view. I read it twice yesterday because yes, I am that obsessed. Really, though, what girl doesn't want that type of adoration from their love? It's this type of story that gets me up in the night. Okay, it this type of story that gets me up HAPPILY in the night. Here's a few pictures of the other reason.

Just kickin'

Sabrina and Spencer (such a cute big brother)

In the hospital, apparently trying to eat her blanket

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Cheri said...

Molly, I am so happy you started a blog. I have yet to start one, but I LOVE reading them. Your little tiny is so precious! Keep the postings coming! -Cheri