Sunday, May 31, 2009

House maintanance

What's grosser than gross?

Stripping 30-year-old wallpaper and finding HAIR in the wallpaper glue!

Yup, that's gross! I'm so happy, though, because I'm almost ready to paint. The walls have been stripped of wallpaper, glue, and hair (ew), and most of them have been washed. My goal is to fill in all the holes today, sand tomorrow, and then paint this week. Yay!

Yesterday Zane and I bought, besides paint, some mulch for our front flowerbed, that until yesterday was just plain dirt. And weeds. Of course, one always underestimates how much filler one needs for such a project, so Zane went back to Lowe's for almost twice as much mulch. Here is our conversation when he gets back.

Zane (casually): "My mom was saying we could really use a tree about here," gesturing to a spot in front of our front door.

Molly (also casually): "Oh yeah?"

Zane (casually): "What would you think about, like, one of those crab apple trees where the apples just dry up and don't drop? Do you think that would look nice?"

Molly (suspiciously): "Are you trying to tell me that you bought one already?"

Zane (guiltily): "Yes, I might be trying to tell you that in a roundabout way."

Molly (smirking): "Do I know you or what?"

Zane (relieved): "Yeah, you're not even funny."

So, we have a crab apple tree now.