Friday, May 8, 2009


This morning, Sabrina wakes up early. Too early. Like, 6:00. Okay, so I get up and try to convince her just to play in Mommy's room quietly while Mommy sleeps some more. No dice. Okay, so we get up, go to the living room. Then, Mommy reads and Sabrina plays. The cat comes in through the cat door. The cat is not here. The baby is not here. The baby is...outside, crawling around the dog crap! She has gone out the cat door! The much-maligned cat is nowhere to be seen!

So I (abandoning third person for the time being) cannot GET to Sabrina (as I cannot fit through the cat door), so I had to run outside the side door (in my pajamas), around the wood pile, under the trees, and over the aforementioned dog crap to get my sweet baby before she a) crawls in the dog crap, or b) eats the dog crap.

It was an adventure.

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Amanda said...

Sounds like one of those excellent mornings...gotta love being a everyday!