Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Equal-opportunity vomiter

Traditionally, Zane's family "camps out" in the Froerer Family Compound (my in-law's backyard) on Memorial Day. Despite my feelings of trepidation, I agreed to do so as well. Just for the record, I was right.

As I was brushing my teeth in order to prepare for the ordeal of sleeping in a tent with a baby, Sabrina threw up. A lot. Twice. Okay, fine, I cleaned it up, took her outside, gave her to Zane while I fixed the "beds." She threw up again. He handed her back to me, on whom she immediately threw up again, then laid her little head down on my vomitous pjs, and promptly fell into a deep sleep, from which she did not awaken until 8 am. Zane ran home, 30 minutes away, to get non-vomitous pajamas, underwear, and blankets. Meanwhile, I slept the sleep of the right.

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