Thursday, January 23, 2014

Out of the Closet

It's so good to be out. Now everyone knows. Everyone knows I had cancer. It's really freeing to be able to say that I have a doctor's appointment and my students understand. I even made a joke about "when I didn't have nose hair" and the kids were all "Gross Ms. Froerer! We have lunch next!" It was fun to make cancer jokes!

I really feel I've been able to bond with some of my students who get it. I certainly don't want to have students who get it, because it means they've had tragedy or worry or fear in their lives. On the other hand, whether I had cancer or not they had that worry or loss, so I can be there for them. And that's a good thing -- for both of us.

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Kathleen Bagley said...

So proud of how you have "handled" this bump in the road, Molly!

Many cheers to you from Chile. We'll do you a big favor and eat a "completo" just for you, with a large cold glass of blended frutillas (strawberries).

Post pictures of your hair progress!