Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Okay, I've Joined Your Stupid Club

When I was first diagnosed, another woman told me SHE was diagnosed in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everything she saw was pink. Pink pink pink. She hated it passionately. She told me her attitude was, "I don't want to join your stupid club!" I totally get that. But now, I feel I've accepted it. I have (had?) breast cancer. Therefore, I'm ready to Benefit Others With My Experience.

Last time I had an appointment, some of the nurses asked me if I would call another woman with a very similar diagnosis who was freaking out. I guess that means freaking out more than most women who get this scary news? She's 55, so MUCH older than me but still fairly young. We had a nice conversation and I got to be on the adviser rather than the advisee end of cancer for once.

Additionally, the nurse from the radiation clinic called me and asked me to be in some sort of promotional video for the center. Because I'm so bubbly! And exciting! And young and cute, I'm sure. Mom said she wasn't too sure about it, since it's not HER cancer center. But when I explained this is just the start of my acting career, she got over it. I would also like to officially offer my services to Huntsman Cancer Institute if they want to offer me my second contract opportunity to become a famous post-cancer spokesperson.

I guess I've joined the club.

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