Saturday, January 4, 2014

A new project?

A few weeks ago, my principal sent out an email asking for a track coach. I don't know much about track, and I just ignored the email, hoping it would go away. Then on Friday he sent out another email, saying our math tutor would be the track coach, but she needs some help. After talking with Zane, I sent the email today: I volunteer! I don't know for sure that I'm the only volunteer, but I'm suspicious I might be, so I'm pretty sure the job will be mine.

Okay, I know track involves running, hopefully faster than those jerks from the other junior highs. There may be some jumping involved as well, and maybe some throwing things? I don't know if it includes "field" or if it's just "track." I don't know the best and fastest way to run. I do know some things about sports and motivation and Just Do It. But that's it. So, any suggestions on how to be the assistant track coach?

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