Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hairy Tales

I know I need a hair cut. It needs some shaping and my neck needs to be shaved. But in some ways, I feel like I did when I was growing out my hair when I was 6. I don't want to cut even a millimeter off of my growing hair! Also, it's a pain to get around to getting a hair cut.

The other thing about my hair right now? They say it takes a few months for you to get your "real" hair back. When my hair started coming back, it was a little lighter and thinner, as well as being super soft. I noticed today that I have roots! My real hair is coming in under the lighter, softer, less "Molly" hair. It looks amusing. I am amused. And delighted that the real thing is back!

P.S. Happy Birthday Benn!
P.P.S. We miss you Rob.

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