Thursday, January 2, 2014


No wig today! I did put sparkles in my hair, but it was my real hair. Here's how it went:

One person asked if we had a sub, and kept a confused look on his face for a couple of seconds after I turned around.

About twenty people asked me if I cut my hair. One girl said, "Please tell me you did not cut your hair! Tell me it's just pulled back!" She's not the most tactful of souls, but she is a sweet girl. I told them no, this was my real hair, I just was not wearing my wig. Many people stopped there, but one boy said he refused to believe it, and could I bring my wig. Several others asked WHY I had worn a wig. Because I didn't have any hair, I replied. Most stopped THERE, but others needed to ask why I didn't have hair. Chemotherapy, I replied. Oh. That stopped them all!

I also thanked each class for the gifts left on my porch, including the Real Salt Lake shirt I was wearing. I love long-sleeved t-shirts almost more than any other article of clothing, but it felt too casual for school. I'm glad I wore it, but it's more a hangout type shirt. Also, I feel either chic or butch with my short hair, and the t-shirt made me lean toward butch. At least I had sparkles in my hair.

I also saw my radiation oncologist today for a follow-up. I ran into one older lady in the parking lot. Today was her last day, so we chatted for a minute about our mutual cancers and how awesome it was to be done. Oh, and it is awesome to be done!

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