Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pain in the tooth

The babe, I believe, is teething. Evidence includes: fussiness, chewing on things (like her hands, the crib rail, fuzzy blankets, the garbage can (before I could stop her; I'm a bad mother!), and the dog's tail (okay, not that last one, but I bet she would WANT to)), and not falling asleep until I put Baby Oralgel on her gums and then sleeping like the dead for, like, 5 hours. I can't wait until these teeth are all through! Let's see, I have...hmmm...about 12 more years. Not counting any future children. I guess it could be worse. She could NOT get teeth.

This Golden Age of Babyhood is fun, though. Sabrina is so darling, crawling around and so pleased with herself because she can bang on an old Quaker Oats box, or pull herself up on the couch. I have always said that being a baby is hard because geez, she's only been pooping and breathing for a few months. But right now she's been doing all those bodily functions for long enough that she's mastered them, plus she's good at crawling, can use her hands, and is just perfecting a lot of these skills. Why wouldn't she be happy? I'm happy just looking at her!

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