Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Last Sunday, Elizabeth's new baby, Emily Rebecca, was blessed. (By the way, I'm planning on calling her Rebecca, probably. Not sure yet what the rest of the family will call her.) Right before the blessing, Jacob, who is Rebecca's 2-year-old brother, was playing with Grandma. Grandma told him to be reverent for the prayer. He immediately put his head on her knee and said (slightly muffled) "Hebenly Fader, Tank you for....Granpa (pointing blindly in Grandpa's direction)...I just about lost it. I can't wait for Sabrina to have cute talking stories!

Rebecca's blessing was really nice, too. True, she was blessed to find her husband at college, presumably BYU, but who am I to deny the promptings of the Spirit? Afterwards we went to Liz and Daniel's house for the traditional post-blessing bake off. I took cookies, which got all eaten, probably because people thought they were Karen's (my SIL). I wanted to put Sabrina down to crawl around, but she would have gotten trampled by the wild hordes of children. Instead, she fell asleep on Daddy's chest, covered by his coat. Aw.

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