Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another First

Sabrina's firsts up to this time have been predictable, boring even, except to me of course. You know, crawling, climbing a step, tooth, solid food. But yesterday she had the type of first I wasn't looking forward to at all. She visited the hospital for the first time because she was sick, and had her first x-ray. Scary, right?

So, yesterday Sabrina was with Cheri while I was at school. When I arrived to pick her up, the first thing Cheri said to me was "your baby is so sick." Ahhh! NOT the sort of thing you want to hear! She'd thrown up four times, and proceded to do so twice more while I was there. Not just food, or water, but bright green bile. Then (yes, I'm stupid) I looked up these symptoms on the internet. Bowel obstruction. Then (yes, I'm stupid) I asked mom about that. It's fine, treatable. Surgery. Ahhh!

Anyway, I took her in to the doctor, who did indeed do an x-ray for bowel obstruction, but didn't see anything bad. Phew. I'm just supposed to watch for dehydration.

In other good news, Sabrina did not throw up from 4:30 yesterday afternoon until 6:30 this morning, and this morning was not her fault. I woke up because...well...Sabrina did not eat well yesterday, and she's still nursing, and...well...if you don't get it, you're probably a man. Anyway, I had A LOT of milk, and she drank it all, and then puked all over me. Oh well, I had it coming. Since then, though, she's eaten three times and not thrown up. Just a BIG poop. I wonder if it's diarrhea. I should check the internet.

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