Monday, March 23, 2009


Although a glance out the window would seem to disprove it, Spring is here! (Stupid snow. This is Salt Lake, not Saskatchewan!) Zane and I took Sabrina to the park on Thursday to experience The Outdoors. Sabrina did not like it. Well, she liked the stroller ride just fine, and the being picked up and held, as she is a clingy little monster lately, but grass? Nope. Put my hand on that grass and I will scream to the world your perfidy! Get me up! UP!

Saturday, hoping that Thursday's experience was an anomaly, I took her to Spencer's soccer practice. Not an anomaly. This time, though, I set her down on her blanket and sat just far enough away that she had to touch the grass to get to me. Although Mommy was not quite enough of an incentive, she did start touching and pulling at the grass. At least it's an improvement.

While at the park and NOT trying to overcome sensory dislikes, Sabrina and I went down the slide together. Then I thought she could go down part of it herself. I held on to her, of course. I'm not totally depraved. I did, though, forget that a slide is angled, thus to go down the slide better, and Sabrina fell back and bonked her head. As I'm sure you can guess, she now hates slides when she is by herself. How much work will I have to do to make up for one mistake? It's like she's a middle school student or something!

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