Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tired. Just Tired.

I'm tired of having cancer. You know, you can be brave for awhile, but eventually it just wears on you. A few weeks ago (is that all it was?) I was driving down the canyon, crying and stroking my hair. Then it fell out. Fine, I can be brave. I knew it was coming, blah blah blah. But yesterday it was too much. I just started crying. Zane's all "What's wrong?" and I'm all "I don't have any hair." SOMETIMES I JUST WANT MY HAIR BACK, DAMMIT. I don't want to be in your stupid club. I don't want to be that lady with cancer. I don't want to get chemo again on Wednesday. I don't want to be trekking to Huntsman Cancer Institute until JULY 2014. Screw you, cancer.

That is all. For now.

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Anonymous said...

Want me to kick cancer where the sun don't shine for you? I totally would. Because I love you that much.

Emily P