Friday, June 7, 2013

Hair Loss

It hasn't quite happened yet, but I can pull out 10 strands of hair at a time. I had the kids do some too, whereupon we threw it outside for the birds to make nests. I'm planning on shaving my head tomorrow. I have my two wigs, multiple hats, and some new cute turban-y hats that will be great for wearing around the house when I don't want Raiden pulling at my $300 wigs but also don't want to walk around bald.

I went to a really great free seminar yesterday called "Look good feel better." There was an hour of makeup tips, then an hour of wig/hat stuff. The hat part was really great and she easily convinced me to make a trip to her store today. But the makeup stuff was really great. I mean, even without the free, really nice makeup, it was really comforting to learn how to draw on eyebrows. Mom says there's nothing like a naked face to feel really bald. Sounds logical.

I've been feeling really good this chemo cycle. I haven't taken many anti-nausea drugs today. I did take a nap, in the 66% of the time Sabrina and Sasha were playing instead of fighting. They were playing that Sabrina was the baby and Sasha was...the mom? Well, whatever floats their boat. They were happy and not fighting for most of that time, so I'm just as happy as can be.

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