Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer vacation

It's the first day of summer vacation! So what did I do? I went to my new school, Snowcrest, and spent two hours organizing my new room! Because I'm a nerd like that.

Unfortunately, the room was a mess. A huge, huge, mess. And not because the janitorial staff hadn't cleaned the room. I mean, they hadn't, but I'm sure they decided to just do deep cleaning and not worry about getting the boards erased and the room vacuumed. That's no big deal. But the previous teacher left tons and tons of crap lying around! I mean, cardboard boxes, permission slips from September, boxes of broken crayons, unopened class sets of magazines from 2010...all sorts of stuff. The novels for the kids were mostly organized, but lots of them were just stuck in the cupboards.

On the other hand, I have all my curriculum books in my room instead of in a locked curriculum room. I have an office! There are three white boards, a Smartboard, AND an LCD projector in my room. I have textbooks. I don't even know how to use a textbook! I've never had one, not as a teacher.

I also love my principal. He's always telling me how much I'll love it at Snowcrest, as if there's any doubt! He told me the parents up here can sometimes be demanding. I told him I've been at charter schools; there's no way they can scare me with their demanding-ness. He also, today, asked how my health is. I did not tell him about the cancer and I still have my hair. No, we live in a small town. I was mostly concerned about telling him it won't impact my teaching. He was mostly concerned that I come to him if I need anything. Like I said, I love my principal.

I also had a dentist appointment today. First day of summer vacation: dentist appointment and go to school! My dentist has a 7th grader next year, so I'll be his teacher. When we left, the dentist said he'd see me in six months. I corrected him. See you at Parent-Teacher Conferences, except next time I'll be in the power seat! Take that, bearer of pointy tools.

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