Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Random Updates

We have been adopted. An orange cat, which has likely been dumped up here, has taken to coming into our house, purring, eating the dog food, and wandering around. Sparticus and Achilles have watched it with tolerant bemusement, which bemuses me. The reason I think it's been dumped up here is that it is hungry, slightly mangy, and declawed. No one up here would declaw a cat and then expect it to fend for itself, but apparently those city types are idiots. Did you know there is a thing called a Humane Society (pound, if you like) where you can take your unwanted animals? You don't have to let them starve to death in an environment YOU made them unsuitable to survive in. Grrrr. Look what you did. You made me end a sentence with a preposition.

Raiden is walking like a champ. He can stand up, change directions, and stay up for a long time. He's not quite as verbal as my other children were at a year, although he can say some very important things, like yum, boom, ta-da, and recently, uh-oh. On the other hand, he's more advanced than the others in physical stuff. Also, he's really, really cute. This is helped by my recent trimming of the hair that was growing over his ears. I'm terrible at stuff like that, but hey, he's just a baby. Toddler. Whatever. All I know is, he has 6 more months until nursery.

Sasha is completely adorable. I love this 2-3 year age! He runs everywhere. When he's not looking, he'll sometimes run sideways into walls and stuff. His talking is amazing. The other day, Zane turned on the TV, and one of the Star Wars movies was just finishing. Sasha asked him to keep watching the movie. When Zane came in a few minutes later to the closing credits, Sasha said, "That...was the most awesome show I have ever seen." Bwah!

Right now Sabrina is taking practice kindergarten. She gets to know some of the other kids, the teachers, the room, some of the procedures, that sort of thing. The first day I asked her about it, and she said, "First we had a snack." Then we were interrupted. When I got back to her, I asked, "What did you do after snack?" She replied, "NO. I want to tell you about snack. We had juice and animal crackers." Okay, then. I think she's having fun with it, and I think it will be really good for her to know the teacher and everything when she starts for real.

I start Chemo Round II tomorrow. I've been feeling so great the past week and I still have my hair, so my life is normal in every way right now. Well, pretty much every way. I guess that's all about to change and I'll be sick and bald soon. Can't wait.

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