Monday, July 1, 2013


Last night I had a nightmare. I was teaching my first day at Snowcrest, and it was AWFUL. I was incompetent, impotent, and my students sneaked out the door and left me with four students. One of the kids who was so terrible was my sister-in-law Vienna. The fact that she is currently going to BYU did not register in my dream. No, she was a snotty 7th grader in my dream.

I know this dream will not come true, because I am not an impotent teacher in real life. Still, I woke up planning extra work for those little buggers before I remembered the real kids in real life did not do anything.

In psychoanalyzing my dream, I think this is the cancer invading my teaching. Invasive cancer, if you will. It has metastasized its way into my teaching life, curse it. I have been feeling powerless with this dumb disease. Now I have felt that same powerlessness in other areas of my life. Well, I banish thee, cancer. Stay within yourself and stop trying to mess with the rest of my life that has nothing to do with you!

Last chemo cycle of this type is Wednesday. Just getting through.


Kim said...

Sometimes it's just enough to get through a single day...hang in there. You are in my prayers.--Kim iverson

Ronda said...

Keep positive.....One of the milestones is done on Wednesday. Know that you a loved and prayed for by a whole multitude of family and friends. Keep the faith and you will get through.

Love you!