Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We are going to California tomorrow! So naturally, Sabrina shows up (while I'm trying to get the house clean) with a backpack full of clothes to take. Here's what she packed:

1 turtleneck
2 long-sleeved shirts
3 pairs of thick pants
3 pairs shorts
1 pair pj bottoms
0 pj tops
2 short-sleeved shirts
0 panties
0 swimsuits

Sigh. That's why Mom has to do all the packing. She really fought giving up that turtleneck, too.

In other news, I'm done with Adriomycin and Cytoxan! That's the nasty chemo that makes me sleep and take drugs for four days afterward. You'd think that would make me happy, but I had a serious breakdown when getting it for the last time. I'm not sure why, other than it was a cumulative experience. The first chemo was a novelty, the second I still had my hair so I was "normal," the third I also had a breakdown, and the fourth I had to stay with my parents for a weekend so I could cope with my life. I think I'm okay again, but geez, I'm so tired of having cancer!


Kathleen Bagley said...

I hope your vacation is wonderful and restful and that you can feel far away from cancer. But yay and goodbye to phase I chemo!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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