Monday, November 2, 2009


This was Sabrina's second Halloween, as a simple calculation will tell you. You may remember (or not) that last year on Halloween I finally decided in the afternoon of October 21 to get Sabrina a costume and could not find one, so she had to go as me. This year I was much more prepared, and bought her a costume in August. Here is Sabrina, magical flying unicorn! She went trick-or-treating to exactly three houses and yet got about 10 houses worth of candy. You can see why, can't you? She ate her M&Ms, but I got the rest.

Her costume makes me think of when my niece Elli was flapping her arms at my mom's house and her mom, Cheri, made some comment about a cute little bird. Elli immediately made THE SADDEST FACE EVER and came and sat on Cheri's lap and cried with her elbows tight to her sides BUT HER HANDS STILL FLAPPING. Why was she so sad? Because she was a flying horse, of course, NOT a bird. Cheri immediately apologized, and OF COURSE Elli was a flying horse, she could tell that now that Elli was closer to her. In that spirit, here are Elli and Bode in their supercute Halloween costumes. Elli, you will notice, is a horse and rider, whereas Bode is an adorable (but still manly) duck. Cheri told me after much searching she found Elli's shirt in the boys' section of the DI and the fabric for her hair in the bargain bin. So, everyone's a winner!

And here are a few more pictures because Tiny is SO DANG CUTE! Have I mentioned how much she likes socks? And doesn't she have such a precious little face? That's right: my blog, my gushing about my kid.

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