Friday, November 27, 2009


I expected Thanksgiving to be a small, family affair with Zane, Tiny, and myself, and Benn, Cheri, Elli and Bode, and Boyd, Emily, and Grant. Then, we found out Dad's friend Bruce was coming. Great, I groused to myself, now I have to eat with a fork instead of just shoving it in. Imagine the shock to my table manners when I found out that not only was Cy coming with Ella (although they're practically family, so at least I could still lick my knife), but that Mom invited a few foundlings, as usual! Invited to our feast were Mei and Bing, who, being Chinese (if you didn't figure that out) don't have much family around and aren't really familiar with American Thanksgiving (although they have had pumpkin pie. From Costco. For two people. I hope they REALLY liked it. Thank you, Costco).

Then, at the actual feast, we also got Kathleen and Jay, as well as Alison and her kids, and Shawn and Jim. I have suspicions that this is because Auntie broke her femur (at a rich person's house, and she won't even sue)and therefore did not want to stand up for hours cooking turkey, smashed potatoes, etc. One can hardly blame her, although one CAN make snarky remarks. The total count, I thought, would be 12. It was 26. So much fun!

Tiny continued her tradition of screaming when she was tired and sitting on strange men's laps. She had not met Bruce, Shawn or Jim, and sat on each of their laps. Her favorite was Jim, thank goodness. I hope I don't offend anyone by saying this, and nothing against any of the many strange men Sabrina has hung out with, but if she HAS to have a strange-man favorite and sit in his lap for long periods of time, I'd just as soon she choose the gay man. Just sayin'. I also hope her affection for men she's never met before PHASES OUT before she turns, oh, one and a half. I shudder to think.

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