Saturday, November 28, 2009


I may have mentioned this before, but Sabrina really has a thing for taking care of her "babies." Her current favorite is her 2009 US Open Bear baby. Right now she is carrying it around with a washcloth as a blankie. She will wipe its nose, give it kisses, cover it with the blanket, cuddle it, and strangle it. In such a loving way.

One thing Tiny has stopped doing (for which I thank all the powers-that-be on earth and in the heavens and on the deep blue sea) is putting things in her mouth. I thought that stage would never end! Now, I admit, at Thanksgiving she put some polished rocks in her mouth, but who hasn't thought those things look like candy? Unfortunately, one phase melds into another, and she is now into emptying things--drawers, mostly--and scattering the innards all over the house. Lids. Bibs. Baby food. And my personal favorite, feminine hygiene products. Awesome. I would pray to the powers-that-be to end this stage, but I shudder to think what might be next.


Crawford Crew said...

Too cute. :D Love it.

princessipal said...

Okay, so I HAVE to tell this story since you brought up the subject. A little first grader, at a school-whose-name-shall-not-be mentioned, was wearing a tampon with the strings tied around her wrist. When the teacher suggested that it would be good to surrender this treasure, the little girl wailed, "Noooo! That's my mother's bracelet! She'll be really mad if I don't bring it home!"

So, we were thinking, might this not be a good little personal white-board eraser--much more at the ready than a tissue or an orphaned sock.