Friday, October 30, 2009

Update on Tiny

Sabrina is getting so big and strong! Okay, so she's now dropped to the 1st percentile in weight despite my use of cream, butter, cheese, and other delicious delicious foods, but she's sure growing up! She can now say mama, dada, grandpa, grandma, tickle, kitty, dog, uh-oh, bye bye, hi, more (usually to do with candy--just kidding mom!), and milk. And monkey. And probably some others. I'll keep you updated, because I know you care.

Sabrina is also imitating a lot right now. She will take a stuffed animal and a blanket or towel, usually that she has pulled from the oven door, and lay the animal down on the floor and cover it up with the "blanket." Super cute when she tries to use one of Spencer's (clean) soccer socks as a blanket. She also wants me to pull out the Dance Dance Revolution dance pad so she can "dance" on it.

Sabrina is also loving the whole dressing herself. She has been able to pull off her socks for a while (Oh! she can say sock! and shoe!) but has recently also been able to put them ON. Yes, sometimes she puts both on the same foot and both feet down the same pant leg, but it could be worse. She could be taking her clothes OFF.

She also now has hair long enough to be put up in cute little ponytails. I love the whole fountain look! It does mean when I work on Tuesdays she sometimes looks like a vagrant (let's be honest, dad's are great but don't do hair) because she often wakes up after I leave. Fortunately, the daycare girls love to do baby hair, and she usually comes home NOT looking like a vagrant.


Grandpa said...

More picture of Tiny............

The Froerer's said...

Don't worry she'll be taking her clothes off in no time. I love that you're using cream, butter, etc. It brings back memories of putting heavy whipping cream in all of Ivie's drinks; avacados in her yogurt, and extra extra butter on her toast and pancakes. I have even given her pediasure 2-3 cans a day. An yet with all of that she never got out of that lower percentile. My pediatrician tells me that my genes are stronger than I think.