Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alaska (again. still)

At this rate, I will never get out of Alaska! At any rate, after Skagway we moved on to the northernmost point of our voyage, Glacier Bay! There are apparently a million glaciers and some are advancing, some retreating. But all are calving into the ocean! The most exciting part was seeing huge chunks of ice break away from the glacier and CRASH! into the sea. Like this.

Okay so you can't see the glacier calving, but YOU try taking a picture of something like that! Geez. Anyway, it was super cool. Also, super cold, at least for July. This was the day I was glad for my winter clothes. Also, that Mom and Dad got an upgraded room with a big window, so we could sit inside and enjoy the glaciers.

That night, for Family Cruiseship Night, Mom read us the story of Stickeen, the little dog who explored the glaciers with John Muir. It was very nervewracking. Is Stickeen going to make it up the glacier? Will he fall to his death? Will he get lost and freeze to death? Fortunately, this book was NOT in the horrible, horrible tradition of Old Yeller and Where the Red Fern Grows, and Stickeen lived. Yay! Then each family got a copy of the book of Stickeen. Oh Stickeen, you rascally dog.

Here's a picture of me and Sabrina. Oh, and the glacier too. You can see it was a cold,overcast day, but at least it wasn't foggy! Imagine slogging our way all the way up here (on a cruise ship: I really know what hardship is like) to see...fog. That would be lame.

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