Monday, October 19, 2009

The end. Of the cruise.

After we left Glacier Bay, we booked it down to Ketchikan, a charming Alaskan village where we saw yet more salmon spawning, seals eating the aforementioned salmon before they made it to the river, and, most importantly, took a horse-drawn carriage ride around the town. Oh, and bought some souvenirs, because it was our last stop in Alaska.

Here it is: Ketchikan!

The carriage: Elli's request for the trip along with the train ride, which naturally was honored.

Sabrina in her new Alaska hat.

Sabrina and Spencer: Being cute.

The next day we went to Victoria, BC, Canada. We decided to go out to the Buchard Gardens, which were AMAZING. See? Oh, and Mom bought us all (who managed to stay with her) Italian ice cream. Yum!

We had this really cool van driver that took us there and brought us back to the ship. He was a Latvian Jew who had also lived in...okay, I forget. He told us some jokes, so I told him one about an American Jew who moves to Israel, and drives a camel to work every day. The camel gets stolen, and the police find the owner does not know the camel's height, color, or anything other than the camel is male because every day people say "Hey, look at the big shmuck on the camel! It was a big hit. Anyway, we then got back on the boat and went home! But not before: some rock climbing!

So, to make a long story short (too late!) it was a wonderful, fun, extraordinary trip. Even if I didn't see a bear eating a salmon from a stream. What more would I have to look forward to if I'd seen everything?

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