Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tickle tickle!

Sabrina is starting to say just a few words and sounds. "Ba" means anything from "book" to "bird" to "hey, look at that person over there! He has a duck on his head!" She also knows "tickle tickle," and usually says it while poking at my toes. A couple of days ago I caught her tickling her own feet, saying "diddle diddle."

And, in more proof that Sabrina is growing up, I was reading in our office the other day. Just a review: when you walk into our house, you are on the main floor. You can go both upstairs, where the office and kid bedrooms are, or downstairs where my bedroom is. So: I was reading upstairs and suddenly realized I couldn't see Sabrina. Usually she goes to Spencer's room because he's got all the cool toys, but she wasn't there, or in the living room emptying my purse, or in the bathroom playing with the toilet water. She had manoeuvred down not one but two flights of stairs and was playing with my shoes in my bedroom, perfectly happy. At least she hadn't gone out the dog door.

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Anonymous said...

Just as I thought: (manoeuvred) you are British!

Loved your memories of Grandma.
Auntie K