Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bath, and breathing underwater

A couple of days ago, Sabrina threw up. Long story.

Okay, not a long story. She threw up twice. A lot. On me. And herself. End of story.

So, needless to say, she smelled, well, gross. I decided that, as it had been four (or more) days since her last bath, the vomit was the last straw, and bathed her. Sabrina now loves her bath. She crawls around in the two inches of water, squealing when she sees the baby in the silver bath hardware, and quacking at her duck. She also likes to suck on her washcloth, I guess because she's thirsty. Whatever.

Because she likes to suck on the washcloth and chew on her duck, sometimes she tries to put her mouth on them while they're underwater. This does not work. Here's how it went:
-Mmmmm! A duck!
-ahchoo. blink blink. smile.
-delicate cough.
-Aha! A washcloth.
-little sneeze.
-Mommy! Oh, okay. Everything is fine. Doo daa.

It was a good bath.

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Crawford Crew said...

Cute lil Sabrina! What a trooper!
Here's the link to the book blog I told you about. I hope you enjoy it :)