Monday, June 8, 2009


Day one of being a stay-at-home mom: Baby is up at 12 am. 3 am. Tired. So. Tired. Morale drops. Alarm goes off at 6 so new SAHM can go to office to work. Alarm is smashed by hammer. Morale improves.

Day looks better at 7:45. SAHM arises, feeds previously cute baby. Baby pouts and cries all morning. Day not looking so great after all.

9:00 Spencer cleans room. SAHM believes she can do this SAHM thing.

10:30 baby goes to sleep. Must wake her at 11:00 so SAHM can go to dentist. Nope, day is hard after all.

12:00 dentist appointment. One cavity. Curses! To feel better, SAHM scouts for sugar, but resists just in time.

2:00 SAHM at home, reunited with children. Time for video games! Morale improves.

5:45 SAHM's husband comes home. SAHM understands desire to hand off kids to dad and take a tub of ice cream into bathroom, where she doesn't have to share.

8:00 baby easily to bed. Morale improves.

8:30 blogging. Morale improves. SAHM can do this. No problem. No need to die in tent, a la Scott.

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