Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Tricks

Oh, I am so proud! Tiny is doing so many tricks! Of course, she won't do them on cue, so you'll just have to take my word for it that, in addition to saying "quack quack" at just about any animal (including herself in the mirror), she also unloads the dishwasher (of silverware, even when it's dirty, and places it neatly on the floor), and also bounces up and down when I sing "dance dance dance" to the tune of "Peter and the Wolf." You know, da, da, da-da da da, da-da da da, da-da da da da DAAA da da DAA, da da DAA daaa daa. So cute, especially in the cart at Costco. People must think I'm nuts. I'll have to remember to stop this behavior when Tiny is a teenager.

In other news, I called in to talk radio for the first time in my life. Doug Fabrizio from Radio West on NPR was hosting some guy who made the movie "Outrage," in which he outed politicians he says are gay but who are closeted and vote against gay issues. This filmmaker said being in the closet has a lot of personal costs, which is what I responded to. He then said being gay and voting against gay issues is an issue of hypocrisy, and therefore it's a valid news story, like any other hypocrisy like criminal behavior or tax evasion. What I said was there is a personal cost to being "out," too, and that he was playing god (with the implied subtext that he was a big meanie). What I wish I could have said to his response (the hypocrisy bit) was that he was COMPARING BEING GAY TO BEING A CRIMINAL OR CHEATING ON YOUR TAXES! Hello! I don't think that's the message you are trying to send! Nor is it in any way accurate! So besides being a big meanie, you're a bonehead, also! Great job on convincing me!

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