Friday, April 3, 2009

Sego Lily Blogger

Once there was a mommy who wanted to run away. She said "I am running away." Vacuum Cleaner said, "If you run away, then I will pop a wheelie on my back wheels and roll after you." The mommy said, "I guess I will come back and vacuum my house. And THEN I am running away!"

Then Oven said, "If you run away, I will grow legs and come running after you!" So the mommy said, "If you grow legs and come after me, I will come back, and even though I love Microwave more, I will cook on you. THEN I will run away!"

And Laptop said, "If you run away, I will jump off the desk and crawl after you!" And the mommy sat down and cried, because she knew that even if she did work on Laptop, next Dustcloth or Lawnmower would probably come after her, and she knew she could never run away.

In the middle of the mommy's tears, Superhusband came home. He said, "Tonight, I will feed the kids a nutritious, homemade dinner, and here is a gift certificate to Sego Lily Day Spa.

So the mommy went to Sego Lily Day Spa. First, since she had been on her feet for so long vacuuming her house, she got a Sego Lily Indulgence Pedicure and French Paint on her tonails. Because her skin was so dry from the hot air of Oven, she got a Signature Facial of vitamins, anti-oxidants, plant-driven proteins and firming botanicals. Finally, since she had hunched over Laptop for hours that day, she got an Aromatherapy Massage, which restored harmony to her mind, body and spirit and relaxed her shoulder muscles.

When the mommy got home her children were all sleeping sweetly in their beds, and she realized that she did not want to run away, she just wanted to get away. So the mommy decided that she needed to go to Sego Lily Day Spa regularly to quench her body’s thirst for serenity in this chaotic world.

And that is why I should be the Sego Lily Day Spa blogger.

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princessapal said...

Oh, what a fabulous husband. I thought this would be a fine children's book, owing to the fact that it IS in fact the premise of another children's book, but no. It ended up being a commercial for Sego Lily Day Spa.....and a very effective one, too. I'm calling to make an appointment first thing in the morning.

A week at the cabin was hardly enough rest for me!

Love you,