Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Disneyland, Episode 3: Sleepless in Strolladle

Sleeping was awesome on the vacation. When I say "awesome," I mean, "Sabrina, please, let me sleeeeeeep." Sabrina and I slept in one bed, so when she woke up in the night I could just feed her. That part was fine. Naps, however, looked like this:
And they lasted, oh, maybe 40 minutes MAX. Not good. Also, she has been waking up SCREAMING the past few nights, and will not go back to sleep. Not fun, and must stop. On the other hand, she sometimes managed to pull this off, despite no nap: Don't lie. This is the cutest picture you have ever seen. It's a picture of Sabrina seeing herself in the backwards viewfinder of the camera. So this smile? It's because she is sooooo excited to see the baby in the camera! It's so weird...this same baby is in the mirror at home!

Here are a few more photos that are so cute I can't stand it, but have no relation to the topic of the post. Deal. Here's us waiting for Daddy and Spencer to come off the Revolution, the first roller coaster to have a loop (get it? Revolution?), and built in 1976 (get it? Revolution?). While we were waiting, a girl came up to us and said her friend's baby had just gone "number 2" and her friend forgot wipes. I handed some over. Yeah, I'm a hero. Anyway, the baby:

And it THIS one, we are in a kid-sized jeep that drives around a track at Magic Mountain. Sabrina was tired (see: no naps), but after a couple of consecutive rides, due in no small part to the fact that the park was practically empty, she began to have fun and drive the jeep. Look at her face--you can tell she's totally into it. How will she ever go back to play-sized cars again?

Coming soon: Disneyland, Episode 4: Beaches (I heart 80s movies)

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