Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Soccer

Spencer's first comp soccer game was yesterday. It was cold, rainy, and occasionally hailey. Er, it hailed. Through it all, Sabrina sat on my lap, enthralled, and watched the soccer game. I dressed her in a little yellow coat with a tassel on the hood, sat her on my lap, and covered us both with a blanket. Just her little face peeked out. By the end of the game she wanted to start crawling around and play with the grass (an improvement in her sensory likes and dislikes!), but for most of the game she was happy just to watch. Oh, and Spencer's team won 3-1. The poor goalie on the other team started crying after the third goal, "It's my fault we're losing." Poor, poor little boy. My pity, however, is tempered by the fact that we won. Yay! Better the other team crying than my team crying, I always say.

So, that was very successful. And (because I know you're all interested), Sabrina woke up twice last night, and had to cry herself to sleep again after the first time she woke up. WHAT is the DEAL? GO to SLEEP, Tiny baby!

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