Monday, April 13, 2009

Disneyland Preview

Sabrina has learned how to make more noises lately. I know, it's just what every mother wants, but this is a QUIET noise. She can move her tongue horizontally and make a quiet popping-type noise. She loves this noise. Loves it. She actually cracks me up, she's so intense about making the sound.

And, it's come! Spring Break! That means 7 week or 33 days of school left. Also, it means...Disneyland! We are leaving tomorrow for that Paradise of Childhood. I'm SO excited for the plane ride with a Tiny One, but I'm sure she'll be fine. I will therefore be incommunicado for the next week, but I will certainly update you when I get back. Ah, sun, sea, sand, Mickey...see you in a week!

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