Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Put off Procrastination!

I have been soooo productive lately! My MIL came by when I wasn't home and didn't know she was coming (otherwise I would have been prepared) and apparently was not too impressed with my/our housekeeping. Not that she was wrong. But add that to my imminent surgery (6 days and counting!) and I've been...I don't know, nesting?

Saturday Zane was not home, since he was busy getting his D level coaching license. So I spent about three hours cleaning the kitchen. Sadly, this was not the deep clean it needs, but the de-cluttering of flat surfaces that it also needed. Yesterday it was the TV room, since we're getting a new couch and strangers will be bringing it into our now more minimalist room. Today: the king of all junk areas, the back entryway. It collects coats and shoes, of course, but also papers of all types, a thank you plaque from 2011 (!) that I've been after Zane to take to the office for (2014-2011 =...) 3 years, assorted other papers, loose change, scissors, and I don't know what all. But now it's clean! Hooray! I rock!

In other news, Sabrina has been taking skiing lessons. Last time she had a male instructor, and apparently he told her to stop crying and stop falling down. Well, it needed to be said! I guess it worked, too. Today was her last lesson, and she had a different instructor, but I guess she did some really hard terrain. The daycare instructor that takes the kids up said they really pushed her and she really responded. Sabrina was very excited to tell me that she didn't cry at all. But she fell down a lot. One thing at a time, I suppose.

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Kathleen Bagley said...

AND you're still being treated for breast cancer, for heaven's sakes. You've got excuses to last you for a good long while, and I want you to use them.