Thursday, March 6, 2014


When I went to kindergarten, I could read. According to Mom, I was reading in July before kindergarten. That makes me...quick calculation here...5 3/4.

Sabrina could not read the July before kindergarten. That was when she was (no calculation needed here) 5 0/4.

At the end of April, Sabrina will be 5 3/4. Yesterday, she read almost all of Go Dog Go to me. She needed some help and had simply memorized some words, but it's so fun to see her really figuring out the reading thing. She has a little ground to make up because she's so young, but she's going to be fine. Great, even.

Now I need to go and read a book. Maybe Green Eggs and Ham.

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Kathleen Bagley said...

I actually had two adult English language learners (ages, 40 something and 30 something) read Green Eggs and Ham yesterday. It was a great hit and I was so proud of them. Good lit is good lit.
Good for Sabrina, too!